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Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to simplified onboarding so you can focus on your employees.

About Us

We love building software.

Software that just works

Whether you are on your desktop or mobile device an application should have the same capabilities. Along with that, we believe Baseline products find the right balance between usability and functionality.

Keep your information private & secure

With so much information being collected through the internet it is important that it's handled securely. Software must be built with security first not last. Baseline prides itself in regular security audits to maintain compliance throughout all of its products.

Explore new possibilities every day New

Our goal is to help you succeed at what you do best. Whether you are an end user or a service bureau looking to add to your product suite we encourage you to give Baseline Software a look.

Enjoy the right set of options

We strongly believe that many applications do too much, creating excessive complexity and an unpleasant experience for the user. Our simple approach is designed with the user in mind to ensure easy adoption across all Baseline products.


Baseline's newest onboarding application HR Studio is built with the employee in mind. Turning onboarding into an effortless process that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Secure platform

HR studio is built with rigorous security standards, passing both HIPPA and PCI compliance audits.

Real-time notifications

Managers have a clear insight into the employee's progress, saving time and frustration. Most importantly keeping everyone accountable for what needs to be completed.

Get ahead of the game

The rise of technology has made it possible to engage new hires before day one. Turn an engaged applicant into an engaged employee with HR Studio's onboarding application.

Great design = great outcome

By designing with a mobile-first mindset, we were able to create a simple, fast and accessible application. You will no longer find yourself lost in a sea of options without a compass. Our design allows for seamless navigation throughout the entire user journey.



Does your company currently struggle with onboarding employees quickly and correctly? Are you tired of chasing down documents and information needed from employees? Try the HR Studio Onboarding Application for 1 month free, if you find it’s a good fit, continue using it for as low as $20 month and $1 per additional employee.


Losing clients over not having an onboarding application? Or maybe you have a full hris system but the price tag is too much for many of your clients to swallow. Increase your client retention and new business sales by adding the HR Studio Onboarding Application to your product suite. Contact Baseline here to discuss licensing pricing.

"Baseline Software has been a pleasure to work with.The application they've created worked right ouf of the box with no additional set up besides inputting my employee's contact information. I'll be referring Baseline Software to any of my customers that need business applications built efficiently and on time."

Jennifer Hernandez, Business Owner